Mr Munusamy has spent more than 30 years delivering newspapers in the PJ area. Rain or shine, the neighbourhood newspaper man, men like Mr Munusamy in and around the Klang Valley supply us with our daily fix of headlines, entertainment and information. His vocation helps keep our ritualistic “newspaper habits” alive; be it a mad rush through the headlines or a contemplative journey with our morning breakfast.

Theirs is an unconventional routine which begins at about 3.00am everyday:

3.30am Wake up

4.30am Meet the crew at the newspaper delivery point / Sorting out newspapers

5.00am Delivery runs to houses and business clients

12.00pm Lunch break and afternoon nap

5.00pm Delivery of magazines and bill collections

7.00pm Sorting out returned papers

One gets about a 20% commission from each newspaper delivered and if you manage well you can contract deliveries in more than just one area. It is a job with the occasional occupational hazard. Mr Munusamy has had a few motorbike accidents and a couple of robberies, a hazard being on the road at such an hour. Neither of which has stopped him from carrying on his deliveries.

I’ve never met anyone take a grand total of only four days leave the whole year and not complain about it. Have you? And would you consider it leave if those four days were public holidays? Mr Munusamy is a champion for his dedication and commitment to his customers and job. When each of his three children got married, he asked the astrologer to only provide timing options for evening ceremonies so that he did not need to skip a day of delivery.

Before I interviewed Mr Munusamy I noticed the newspaper man less and less only because I’ve come to rely on a little blue bird to tweet my dose of news and information every morning.  But Mr Munusamy reminded me of the newspaper rituals I used to enjoy. The ones that helped calm my nerves before a hectic day. I also miss those comic strips! So after meeting Mr Munusamy I picked up the newspaper one weekend, sat down with a cup of tea and enjoyed my long lost newspaper ritual. Thank you Mr Munusamy!

Nova Nelson