Tribute to Charlie Hebdo by Zunar via
Tribute to Charlie Hebdo by Zunar via

The world reacted in shock to the fatal shooting of 12 people at the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday this week. But this shock has since evolved into defiance. The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (#IAmCharlie) trended worldwide as a rallying cry for freedom of speech.

Cartoonists from around the world have been among the most vocal in their grief and anger – paying tribute in the form of their own cartoons. Charlie Hebdo is a magazine notorious for its satirical and often controversial cartoons, lampooning Islamic terrorists among other figures.

Today, Malaysian cartoonist Zunar published this tribute to the  Charlie Hebdo team on his own blog. Zunar had spoken to The Malay Mail earlier today about the case, stating that “every cartoonist should have the right to criticise through his/her cartoons.”

Zunar himself knows the risks of criticism all too well: he was arrested under the Sedition Act in 2010 and his books banned by the government. Last year, the Court of Appeal lifted the ban.

Ling Low