Photo: Creative Commons.

Ah, Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s that time of year when Chinese people come together to celebrate something or other by eating mooncakes. Supermarkets compete on price, bakeries produce novelty flavours and fancy hotels create gift boxes the size of small… hotels. But what does your favourite mooncake say about you? To answer this eternal question, has compiled a handy personality guide:


You’re a mooncake purist. Let’s face it, lotus paste is still the original and best mooncake flavour. Let other people have their fancy fillings – you’ll be in the corner, mumbling to yourself about cleanliness.

Lotus with egg

You like to have your mooncake and eat it. The silky lotus paste just isn’t enough for you. You believe life is too short and must be lived to the max: salty and sweet in one mouthful. You probably use the phrase “hashtag YOLO” in real life. (You should stop).

Five kernel (fruit and nut)

You’re a health freak who likes to get a good daily intake of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. The best descriptive praise you could give to any food is “Mmm… fibrous”.

Red bean 

You’re a person of the people. Some might even say you have an “army” of friends. Others may argue that red bean is too common, but you don’t care. Down with the system! Down with the Man!

Chocolate praline

That’s not a mooncake. Please leave.


Ling Low. Cover image: Creative Commons.