For our “When I Was A Kid” competition, we asked you to write your most memorable childhood stories. Congratulations to the three winners: you each get a copy of Boey’s book “When I Was A Kid 2” courtesy of MPH Distributors! Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.


When I was a kid, I used to hang out inside the store room under the staircase. It was small but big enough for me to sit there and relax. Inside the store room, there’s a shelf that fill with collections of laser disks, a light bulb and a mini fan. My secret crib. One day, I found out there’s a pack of snacks, and I thought my life is complete. Cool crib with snacks to munch on. They thought it was mice who ate those snacks. It took them 10 years to realized the culprit actually was me.

Siti Naimatul Salwa Maulad Mustafa

When I was a kid, I lived in a kampung. My chores were taking our ducklings around to dig for worms to feed them and looking after my youngest sister. Evenings were spent on neighbours’ vegetable farms where I ran freely. Dad taught me to climb trees, catch shrimps in rivers, fly kites and make our own tops from branches of guava trees. He died when I was seven. My best memory of him was when he took us to the huge well in the police station to bathe. Sadly we moved from the village after his passing.

Ooi Bean Seem

When I was a kid I was terrible at making new friends. So, during my first day at kindergarten all I could think of is how much longer until I can go home and watch cartoons. When it was time, I just packed my things and walked home alone considering I only live nearby. I barely left the gate when one of the teachers ran out screaming and hurried me back inside. Apparently, I still needed an adult to accompany me home. The rule made perfect sense but I was furious back then thinking I was missing Captain Planet.

Faizad B Nik Abdul Aziz