Kounsel Tentangga at Five Arts Centre. Photo: Bryan Chang.
After expanding its wings to Jakarta for The Wknd Sessions Indonesia, The Wknd, in collaboration with Senipekik, kicked off the new year with an intimate neighborhood gig called “Kounsel Tetangga” at Five Arts Centre.Despite the fact that looking for a parking space around that part of TTDI can be quite troublesome, music lovers still came to watch their favourite bands play live. The line-up included The Fridays , Raksasa @ Maharajalela, Decades, SOFT, Johny Comes Lately, Reset To Zilch, The Pinholes, Dirgahayu and POLAR.There was shoegaze, there was ska, there was pop yeh yeh and a lot more, so the crowd was pretty varied. The Fridays warmed up the crowd with the first set, which started sharp at 3pm. Kounsel Tetangga #1 also marked the finale of Dirgahayu’s tour.The best part about this whole “neighbourhood” gig concept was the intimacy. The name Kounsel Tetangga says it all – the whole atmosphere felt like a neighborhood meeting, where you could easily stumble upon familiar faces, exchanging smiles and greetings (sans the fruit cakes), buy band CDs and merch and hang out under the shading trees. Not to mention, Kounsel Tetangga gig goers also got 20% discount for drinks!With the number of people close to 200, Five Arts Centre definitely did the gig justice. The next question (heard frequently after the show) is: “BILA NAK BUAT LAGI (KOUNSEL TETANGGA)?”Awin is part of The Wknd team.http://rusbankinfo.ru займ на карту срочно без отказа