TypoCakap with Liew Kwai Fei and Lostgens'
Photo credit: TypoKaki

TypoCakap is a talk series for those who are devoted to all things typographical.

Titled the Poetics and Politics of Multilingualism, the sixth instalment of the TypoCakap  highlights the involvement of multilingualism in a socio-political context. The talk is organised by TypoKaki and will be held on Sunday 21 June at Lostgens’, 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

This session’s speaker is Liew Kwai Fei, a contemporary artist whose latest works dabbles with various languages and scripts. Together with the art collective at Lostgens’, he will discuss how multiple languages, scripts and types are used in spreading their intended messages and the roles they play within the contemporary arts circuit.

Tickets (RM30 – professionals, RM15 – students) will be available at the door from 1.30pm – 2.30pm and the funds collected will go towards organizing the next TypoCakap session. As seats are limited, do drop by earlier if you want a spot!

Lyn Ong

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