Lagak A. Mahmud by Fatah Ngah.
Lagak A. Mahmud by Fatah Ngah.

Here’s something to beat your post-holiday blues. Galeri Petronas is holding an extended exhibition in honour of humour magazine Gila-Gila, showcasing Malaysian cartoons at its gallery until 15 July.

The exhibition showcases approximately 200 artworks produced by well-known cartoonists such as Lat, Zunar, Ujang, Aza, Zainal Buang Husin, Fatah Ngah, Tarzidi and Jaafar Taib. You can also meet some of the cartoonists in person, every Saturday at 2pm throughout May.

First published 1st April 1978, Gila-Gila is a humour magazine whose cartoons tackle a range of social, economic and political commentary. At a time when the impact of cartoons has taken on a global and political dimension, the exhibition reminds us that the medium is as powerful as ever.

Tyler Lim

Opens daily, 10am – 8pm. Admission is free. Find out more here.

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