We’ve all heard and read about education inequity in newspapers, on TV and online. But how many of us know what it actually means? Come find out through song, poetry and performance at Teach For Malaysia’s first ever fundraising concert. It seeks to explain their mission of helping children realise their potential with a good education, and would appreciate your donation to enable them to impact more students.

Teach For Malaysia, a non-profit organisation, seeks to reduce and ultimately end imbalances in education. It aims to achieve this by creating greater opportunities for less privileged children, facilitating and designing learning programmes and organising awareness campaigns for the general public to understand and lend a hand.

The fundraising concert takes place on 6 December, 7:30pm at Merdekarya. All donations will go towards supporting the Teach For Malaysia movement. For more information and to get your free tickets, visit their Facebook event page or website.

Image courtesy of Teach For Malaysia

Justine Tan

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