The government has announced that national happiness will be a core part of the upcoming Budget 2014, to be tabled next Friday.

It’s a move that fits with global trends towards indexing happiness, as the world starts to take “quality of life” more seriously. Polls published by think tanks and researchers like Gallup and The Economist compare the best countries to live, and it’s becoming popular for countries to survey their own citizens’ life satisfaction too.

But can we really measure happiness? We could probably come up with a long list of what makes us unhappy. But how about the opposite?

In our very unscientific take on the Happiness Index, Poskod.MY invites you to share with us what makes YOU happy.

1) Find some paper, whiteboard, old cardboard, a T-shirt or even some space on your hand.

2) Write what makes you happy. Take a photo.

3) Send us the photo by tagging it @poskodmy on Instagram or emailing it to [email protected]

We’ll be creating a collage of all the submissions next Friday, when the new budget is announced. Here’s what some of our team from the PopFolio Network came up with:

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