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Making deliveries by bicycle might seem like a thing of the past, especially in our vehicle-congested city where courier services are often done by van or motorbike. A new bike courier service, Vélo Express KL seeks to change this, offering services ranging from post office pick-ups to courthouse filings – all done with pedal power.

The founders of Vélo Express – Jordi Arif bin Rahman, M Farid Rahmat and Aedewan Adnan – have long been cycling enthusiasts. They currently have nine cyclists on the team. Most have nine-to-five jobs: some are freelance graphic designers, while some are in the retail and F&B industry.

Everyone on the team has always been using bicycles as their primary means of transport, so they have had more than five years of experience in cycling, riding and commuting around KL and PJ.

Velo Express zone map.

Vélo Express operates in different zones, namely:

Zone A (Blue): Bangsar / MidValley  / KL Sentral
Zone B (Red): Titiwangsa Sentral / Golden Triangle / Pudu
Zone C (Green): Semarak / Ampang / Miharja

Besides the regular document and parcel dispatches, they’ve encountered many requests for food deliveries. “Since we are still a small outfit, we hope to tie in with small independent food businesses who want to reach out to more clientele by doing deliveries, especially if it’s a neighbourhood cafe / restaurant or home-based food operators,” says Aedewan.

Trust is a vital factor. Vélo Express KL takes on board only people they can rely on, so the current team is composed of mostly friends of friends. Future plans of course involve recruiting more riders, but they will have to be screened by the team and be regular bicycle commuters familiar with the ins and outs of the city. “We are not so keen on hiring recreational cyclists,” Aedewan says.

A few of the cyclists.
A few of the cyclists.

Response to their service has been surprisingly overwhelming. “A lot of our clients really like the idea of bicycle delivery. Some are also surprised that we are actully able to deliver items or food with a bicycle.”

As to whether Malaysians are eventually prepared to switch to cycling as a means of everyday transport, Aedewan has observed that there are more and more people starting to cycle to work, especially with the petrol and toll price increases. However, the numbers are still quite low. “Perhaps when pedestrians and motorists start noticing us making bicycle deliveries, it will encourage them to start using bicycles as a means of transport.”

Justine Tan

Vélo Express operates from 9am till 7pm on weekdays, and would love for you to call beforehand. Prices range from RM8 to RM25. Charges may vary for parcels weighing more than 4kg. Click here to find out more.


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Jeffrey Lim of Village Bicycles. Photo: Mabel Ho.

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