Photo courtesy of Uber
Photo courtesy of Uber

Uber, the mobile app which connects drivers to riders in 165 cities around the world, has officially launched its more affordable option UberX in Kuala Lumpur. Branding itself as “Everyone’s Private Drivers” , the UberX option offers customers a private driver for the same price as a taxi – or less.

In contrast with its premium service UberBLACK, which uses high-end sedans, UberX drivers use MYVI, Nissan Almera and Toyota VIOS. A ride with UberX can be around 15% cheaper than taking a taxi – which means more competition for taxi apps such as MyTeksi and EasyTaxi.

Michael Brown, Regional General Manager of Uber Technologies, stated during the launch that while Uber aims to provide efficient service that only requires minimal waiting time, it is still a work in progress as KL is a relatively new market. Uber’s aim is for waiting time to be no more than 10 minutes.

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