Photo: Selfie. Reedz Malik, Creative Commons Attribution License.

TIME magazine has created an interactive map that shows the world’s “selfiest” cities.That’s right – “selfiest”. In other words, it’s a map that shows how many photos people take of themselves (aka “selfies”) per capita in cities across the world.

From their data, they reveal that the “selfiest” city in the world is Makati City in the Philippines, with other top ten cities including Miami and Manhattan. However, Malaysians take note: Petaling Jaya and George Town are also in the top ten. PJ comes in 5th (141 selfie takers among 100,000 people) and George Town ranks 10th (95 selfie takers about 100,000 people).

TIME magazine’s interactive selfie map.

So where does this data come from? TIME built a database from over 400,000 Instagram photos which were tagged #selfie and also included geographic co-ordinates. They included 459 cities in the ranking.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the data is skewed towards people who remember to include their geographical tag. Many of those could be people visiting PJ and George Town, rather than those who actually live there.

Still, it’s pretty amazing that Malaysia ranks so highly – another sign of our country’s social media savvy (or might we say, obsession). As for Kuala Lumpur, it’s way down the list in 21st place. Time to up your selfie game, KL?

Ling Low