Two and a Half Beards

Two and a Half Beards, a new YouTube channel, has launched its first video: Malaysia’s Cheapest Taxi Ride. Created by Fuad Alabaster of Kyoto Protocol, Rahul Kukreja of Livescape and Ryan Matjeraie of Hitz FM, the first episode captures the escapades of the three jokesters as they take a taxi ride and then stop the taxi after a few metres.

Unsurprisingly, things get pretty tense with the taxi drivers. YouTube commenters were divided in their response – while some thought the prank was hilarious, others berated the three entertainers: “You just wasted his time and potentially his day’s worth of income… They dont make that much to begin with” [sic] said one commenter.

Whichever camp you fall in, Two and a Half Beards has already hit over 10,000 views in two days. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what the guys get up to next. In the mean time, tell us what you think of the video: