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Last week, @PostSeksisme launched a Twitter campaign to promote awareness of sexual harassment. Using the hashtag #tautak, the campaign aims to provide a platform for anyone to share experiences of being sexually harassed in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, we’ve seen a number of high profile cases of sexism: a champion gymnast censured for her “revealing” attire, openly sexist comments by government ministers, and a scholarship winner criticised for not donning the tudung. This time, everyday citizens were invited to share their own experiences.

Tweeters participating in the #tautak campaign mostly raised issues of victim blaming, women being expected to dress or look a certain way, and the general sentiment that sexual harassment is not taken seriously, especially when it happens online or verbally.

Some users tweeted that, very often, they were dismissed as overly sensitive even when sharing their experiences with friends. There were times when nobody believed them and times when a complaint was downplayed as being “typical guy” behaviour.

While most voices on sexual harassment are from women, it should be kept in mind that this happens to men as well.

 The #tautak campaign is currently running and all are encouraged to share their stories. Should you prefer not to publicly tweet your experience, @PostSeksisme welcomes direct messages on Twitter or questions on their page. The campaign will run until 4 October.Justine Tan займ на карту срочно без отказа