Lego is enjoying its moment in the sun. Everyone (including this porn star) seems to be into it right now, thanks partly to the recent release of The Lego Movie, which reassured us that it’s totally ok for adults to be playing with Lego to an obsessive level.

However, Adly Syairi Ramly has gone further than most. A former music journalist who currently works as an Assistant VP at Astro, Adly has been making painstaking Lego models of his favourite bands. He then photographs the models on his iPhone 5.

Adly’s Lego line-up includes Pearl Jam, Pixies, Tegan and Sara, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and (my personal favourite) The Smiths, among many more. The photos have now gone viral. They’ve been featured on websites like The Huffington Post and Mashable – and have even been retweeted by some of the bands.

In an email interview with Poskod.MY, Adly revealed that he’s been a fan of Lego since the age of two, when he got the Basic Building Set No.9 for his birthday. “But like any other kids out there, I grew out of it, as I got older. The love was rekindled three years ago in January 2011 when Lego released its Collectible Minifigure Series.”

Adly says he wouldn’t describe himself as a serious collector, because he only collects what he likes. But he derives great joy in building Lego musicians, with some of the characters requiring pieces from four or five different minifigure sets. “I love the challenges and the satisfaction in Legolising the subject to near perfection.”

So what’s the biggest challenge of building bands in Lego? “If there’s one thing I’d like to see more is brown-skinned coloured Lego minifigures. It’s kinda hard to do a Legolised version of African-American personalities without it, which is kinda frustrating.”

Ling Low