Remember the yo-yo? Most of us picked it up at some point as kids, before giving up and moving onto flashier toys and gadgets. But others never gave up: the yo-yo still alive and spinning in the Malaysian scene.

The Malaysian Yo-Yo Championship 2012 will be held on the 15 – 16 December at Fahrenheit88 to showcase the best talents the yo-yo scene in Malaysia has to offer.

The contest is open for the public to watch and there will be participants from all over Malaysia spinning their way to the title of Malaysia’s Best. The champion will then represent Malaysia in the upcoming international contest (Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Contest 2013 & World Yo-Yo Contest 2013).

There will also be a free yo-yo workshop, so you can try your hand at new skills and tricks.

Find more information on the Malaysian Yo-Yo Club website.