“Aiyo why no girlfriend yet?”

“Your pay how much ah?”

“Still no baby ah?”

Does the thought of nosy relatives at Chinese New Year dinners fill you with dread? Do family functions feel more like interrogations?

This Chinese New Year, turn the tables on family inquisitors with Why So Kaypoh, advertised as a ‘pocket-sized family gathering survival guide that helps you fend off annoying questions from your nosy uncles and aunties.’

The mobile web app, developed by Singaporean company Wunderwerks, is available on both Android and ioS platforms. The app features answers for about 50 questions, which are divided into five categories: Lifestyle, Career and Money, Love and Relationships, School, and Marriage.

While some of the questions are very Singapore-based (references to HDB flats and O-levels, for example), the questions featured cover almost all the usual festival enquiries. Responses range from sensible to playful, sarcastic, and even downright mean. For example, suggested answers for “Did you gain weight?” include:

a) Yes, it must be all that intelligence I gained!

b) No, I think your eyes grew fat.

c) Yes I did, I was going to ask you the same thing!

One of my favourite responses, however, comes from everyone’s favourite question, “When are you getting married?”

Answer: “If I accidentally get knocked up lor”.

Don’t blame us if you get banned from future family reunions.

Terence Toh

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