Photo by All is Amazing.
Photo by All is Amazing.

When I arrived at KL Live on Monday 1 December, all I could see was lines. Lines to get tickets, lines to enter the venue, lines snaking towards the parking lot, lines parked outside in a less than legal fashion. Lines. Guess it’s not every day Tenacious D plays a show in KL, is it?

Kyoto Protocol opened the show with a couple of their hits and then quickly churned out a medley of covers that included “Sexual Healing”, “I Will Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, “SexyBack” and many more well-loved hits. The crowd ate it up and apparently so did Mr. Black himself – “why’d you guys rock so hard?!” was overheard backstage after they finished their set.

The crowd started chanting “WE WANT THE D” and the dynamic duo come on stage, going straight into the opening chords of arguably their most famous hit, “Tribute”. Fans went nuts as they spat out every line with a vengeance, with horns and fists piercing the air faster than you can say ‘guacamole’.

The boys were in top form as they sprinkled their show with choreographed power moves and well-timed jokes, often incorporating their endearing “roadie-in-training”. They even managed to fit in a new song in their set list of much-loved songs called “Simply Jazz”, during which Kyle Gass went to town on a flute and a recorder (cue the flood of sekolah rendah memories) at the same time.

Leaving this year’s Urbanscapes satellite shows on a high note, this was the most packed and raucous of the three shows of the past month. The announcement of the show came as a surprise to most concert-goers, but it was a delightful one. Jack Black and his trusty sidekick Kyle Gass have long been regarded as among Hollywood’s greatest comics, with the musical chops to boot. It’s no wonder almost 2,000 people turned up to watch them rock out and almost 2,000 went back home with their socks off.

Michelle Chong

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