Which places in KL would you show to kids who have never left their hometown?

This was the question that teacher Yeong Ru Wong found herself answering. As one of Teach For Malaysia’s teachers, Yeong Ru is based in a school in rural Kedah. “When I first started teaching there, some kids couldn’t read or write,” she explains.

She decided to organise a trip to KL for the kids “so they would get to see the places in their history textbooks.” Yeong Ru’s plan is to bring the kids to KL for three days. “I’ll bring them to Universiti Malaya because most of them won’t be able to enter a private university due to financial constraints, but I still want them to aim high,” she says.

She also plans to take them to PetroSains to show them that science can be fun, as well as the National Monument and Dataran Merdeka.

Yeong Ru is hoping to raise RM3000 to allow the trip to take place, and also welcomes sponsorship of other items like stationary. “A lot of the kids don’t even have rulers, pencils and pens.” Think you can help? Find out more about the project here.