Go Gerila! Photo by Iz Mady.
Go Gerila! Photo by Iz Mady.

IkanPaos Kolektif is setting out to create Malaysia’s first crowd-sourced festival. TAPAUfest 2014 is set to be an annual one day festival in Penang, showcasing the very best of Malaysian creative talents. Of course, it will only happen if they can raise enough money!

The team first tried launching TAPAUfest back in 2012 but a lack of funding eventually had the festival called off and TAPAU Secret Show, a smaller gig took place instead. Featuring performers like The Impatient Sisters and Narmi, the location of the gig was only revealed two hours before through social media.

This year, in order to make TAPAUfest 2014 a reality, IkanPaos Kolektif has teamed up with pitchIN. They are targeting to raise a total of RM 85,000 in funds for the festival’s operational costs by 27 May 2014. As of now, they’ve managed to achieve ten percent of their goal and there are still a couple of weeks more before the deadline reaches. The lineup of performers is set to include Kyoto Protocol, Go Gerila! and The Impatient Sisters.

So how can one help to get this festival going? By pledging a minimum of only RM 25 (which will entitle you to a festival pass, one drawstring backpack and a button badge) or even up to RM 30,000 (corporate sponsors).

Results of the crowd-funding campaign will be announced immediately at 12am on 28 May 2014. If they do not meet their target by the end of it, there will be a full refund by pitchIN for those who have pledged.

Lyn Ong

Pledge your support here and find out more about TAPAUfest here.