“The Az” cake by Swich Café. Photo courtesy of Swich Café.

Swich Café in Publika, famous for their fusion flavour cakes, have come up with a new creation named after Malaysian musician Az Samad. “The Az” is a mouthwatering combination of dark Belgian chocolate with cempedak cream cheese frosting.

The founder of Swich, Cheng Cheng, decided to find out more about Az’s music after noticing the guitar maestro was a regular at the café. “I looked him up online and listened to his music, watched his videos. I was very impressed. His compositions really appealed to me,” said Cheng Cheng, who confesses to being “not very musically talented myself.”

After finding out that Az’s birthday was in December, Cheng Cheng decided to create a cake in his honour. Noticing that Az was a fan of chocolate and cempedak, she married these flavours together for an East-meets-West combination. “I wanted to create something that reflects him in particular,” she told Poskod.MY, adding that Az is a homegrown talent who has had international exposure. “Like Az, this is a Malaysian made cake, but it’s about modern Malaysia.”

It’s not the first time that local food entrepreneurs have collaborated with other artistic talents. The Last Polka has created limited edition ice creams for their “Indie Love Picks” line, with flavours named after musician OJ Law and comedian Kuah Jenhan.

Although Az’s birthday is over, this special edition Swich cake will be available for the next few months, retailing at RM12.90 per slice. “I think it’s a fantastic way to collaborate together: trying to bridge the divide of music and food,” said Cheng Cheng. “There’s so much pleasure to be had from both!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Ling Low