Infinity by Nacho Ruiz. Photo: Zoé Ng.

Good news for those of you who couldn’t stop playing with the light installation at Urbanscapes (including myself). Nacho Ruiz, the Spanish artist who made the festival installation “Meeting Point”, has unveiled a new installation at Publika called “Infinity”.

Like “Meeting Point”, the new installation is a tangle of fibre optic light cables. However, this time they are housed in a purpose-built black box, which is located on Publika’s Boulevard. The interior of the box is lined with mirrors, which multiplies the effect of the lights… to infinity.

The artwork will be on display until 14 February. Its creation is a collaboration between the Malaysian artist Adeputra Masri and the Nacho Ruiz team, which also includes Ferran Benavent and Maria Carbonell.

Ling Low