The interstellar wars rage on. Legoland Malaysia Resort in Johor Bahru has transformed our favourite scenes and characters from the Star Wars franchise into Lego models, unveiling the Star Wars Miniland Model. Housed in its own building, the Miniland Model recreates the action across all six movies and the Clone Wars spin-off.

The display was launched last week in conjunction with the second anniversary of Legoland Malaysia Resort. In total, 1.5 million Lego bricks were used for over 2000 Star Wars models. The Miniland Model depicts Millennium Falcon as it prepares to soar into the sky from Tatooine, the AT-AT walkers during the siege on Hoth, and Clone Turbo Tank on the battlefield of Kasyyyk and Mustafar.

Millennium Falcon

Some of the models are accompanied with sound effects such as the bar scene in Tatooine, and the blaring laser guns in the courtyard of the Royal Palace as Gungans go head-to-head with Battle Droids. The aircraft models are also attached to panels which give them the appearance of levitating!


Battle droids, stormtroopers, Gungans and Ewoks are to be found everywhere. However, Darth Vader only made one appearance, and Yoda, while also being the smallest model made up of only 30 pieces, only appeared twice. It can be challenging to find them across the huge model landscape so keep your eyes open!

Legoland Malaysia General Manager, Mark Germyn, stated that Star Wars is noted for its inter-generational appeal. Sales of the Lego Star Wars product line have helped the Danish toy brand to grow their profits in past years. It seems this standalone Stars Wars display – the first in Asia – will continue to steer the brand away from the dark side.

The admission ticket for the theme park (RM120 for adults, RM90 for kids), includes free entry to the Legoland Star Wars display.

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Audi bin Ali