Darth Vader as wayang kulit.
Darth Vader as wayang kulit.

Tintoy Chuo and Teh Take Huat, a designer and an art director, are big Star Wars fans. For the last two years, they have been working on a project to create a wayang kulit show adapted from Star Wars stories and characters: Peperangan Bintang.

Featuring characters such as Sangkala Vedeh (Darth Vader) and Tuan Puteri Leia (Princess Leia), the show is accompanied by the Star Wars soundtrack – played with traditional instruments. By combining the traditional elements of wayang kulit with modern computer generated effects, Chuo and Teh hope to inspire new interest in the traditional art of shadow puppetry.

Princess Leia wayang kulitAfter first debuting the idea at the Designers Weekend Exhibition at Publika in 2012, the design duo received input and support from master puppeteer Muhammad Daim Othman, and are now working towards creating a full production.

Star Wars wayang kulit“In recent years, wayang kulit has been fading from mainstream entertainment. Many among the young don’t get to experience this art form, or are not aware of its beauty and craftsmanship. Stories are slipping by the wayside, and the tok dalang (master puppeteers), have difficulty finding apprentices to carry on this wonderful tradition,” Chuo said in a recent interview with NST.

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