What is it?

It is not a factory per se, more like a concept café highlighting their products: namely their brand of The Tapping Tapir sodas, infused with locally inspired flavours. These are all made on site, along with potongs.

Situated in the neighbourhood of Taman Bukit Desa, The Soda Factory opened its doors only as recent as February this year just a few lots away from the ever popular Sanuki Udon Restaurant. For the time being, their opening hours are only from Friday to Sunday, 11am – 10pm. This is because they use the other days of the week to make their products.

Who is it?

Started by three friends, Ivan Lee, Tee Reei and Victor Tee, The Soda Factory’s team are also behind local ice lolly company, The Potong. Being familiar with fruits from their endeavours while making their potong, it was a natural progression into creating sodas with similar flavours. “I keep on emphasizing we’re not using artificial flavourings,” says Ivan. They pride themselves on using just natural ingredients for their products.

Go for…

Their Sparkling Sodas, obviously. If you like something a bit tart with a hint of spice, try the Lemonade and Lengkuas. It is refreshing without being overpowered by the addition of galangal. Or if you prefer having a float, the Pink Poodle (hibiscus soda with vanilla ice-cream) goes down rather pleasantly with its light floral accent.

Eat with…

One of their sourdough pizzas. We had their Havianna which was topped with chicken, pineapple, barbeque sauce and mozzarella cheese. If you want something lighter, they have sourdough waffles too: we have an eye on the Plimpton, served with fresh blueberries, lemon compote and a local honey drizzle!


Sparkling Sodas are priced at RM6 per glass or bottle. Floats are at RM9. Pizzas range from RM15 – RM18 while the waffles are RM15 per serving.

Lyn Ong

The Soda Factory, 15, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa, 58200 Kuala Lumpur (016-682 2221), Friday – Sunday, 11am – 10pm.