Sitka’s soft taco with lamb, pea and mint. Photo: Ling Low.

What is it?

A new café that flirts with the finer things in life. Their small but inventive lunch menu includes gourmet soft tacos and bread rolls with fillings such as lobster, or fried liver and marmalade  – perhaps a nod to the Scottish chef’s origins. There’s also a mouthwatering selection of cakes and pastries.

Sitka has taken up one of the vacated spots on Jalan Batai, next to where Restoran Seng Lee once was. It’s a far cry from the hot and hectic bustle of that popular kopitiam, but then KL is a changing beast. Chic and calm with black tables and exposed brickwork, Sitka’s only nod to the past is the old Super 5 Gym sign that remains outside.

Who is it?

Sitka is owned by the same group as Butter + Beans, Feeka and Food Foundry. This group has a knack for choosing interesting places for their cafés and this one is no exception. The Bukit Damansara location is a good bet, given the menu’s price points (a meal for two with drinks starts from RM60).

Go For…

The lamb, pea and mint soft taco. The warm, shredded lamb is as tender as a dream, while the crushed peas and sprigs of mint provide the perfect counterpoint with a refreshing yet subtle lift. It sounds simple, but it’s done extremely well.

As with many of the dishes here, the soft tacos are served with a light salad of lettuce and pearl barley. Even so, it will leave you plenty of room for dessert – the raspberry pound cake is recommended, but it will be hard to choose.

Don’t expect…

Your average brunch fry up (or char kway teow, for that matter).


RM18 – RM27 for a main dish, RM11 for a cake.

Ling Low

 Sitka, 8-5 Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, KL 50490. Opens Mon – Sun (9am – 6pm).