Ma Chi2

What is it?

Mochi is a traditional rice cake dessert that originated in Japan. Made from glutinous rice that has been kneaded and shaped into large cubes, the pieces of mochi are then cut into tiny cubes with a large slate/blade.

Petaling Street has a very special stall where a unique recipe of “Ma Chi” is available in a variety of flavors such as green tea, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, pandan, kiwi, almond, black sesame, melon, original and coats them in ground peanuts. In 2011, a box was priced at RM2 but now, priced at a slightly higher rate.

Who is it?

Madam Tang has been selling her “Ma Chi” in Petaling Street for over 50 years and is still going strong. Every day from 8am up until stock lasts, Madam Tang’s recorded voice plays through her small, but loud, green colored speaker “Ma chi, ma chi, ma chi! Ya lao, ya lao, ya lao!”, attracting a number of visitors that walk by Petaling Street – tourists and locals alike.

Featured in several blogs and magazines over the years, Madam Tang is no stranger to the Ma Chi business in Kuala Lumpur; being the one and only Ma Chi seller in Petaling Street.

Ma Chi 3
Ma Chi, Petaling Street. Photo: Yuthika Peiris

Go for…

The original flavour is the best out of the lot. The taste of the original mochi does not overpower the taste of the peanuts and vice versa – a balance in flavour and texture is maintained. It may not have the traditional Japanese taste, but for the years of experience in which Madam Tang has been preparing this traditional sweet, it’s well worth a try.


RM5 per box.

Available at the junction near Hong Leong Bank, Petaling Street, everyday from 8am – until stock lasts.

Kathryn Rao