Bacon Jam and Bacon Sambal from Five & Two Fine Foods. Photo: Lyn Ong.
Bacon Jam and Bacon Sambal from Five & Two Fine Foods. Photo: Lyn Ong.

What is it?

Five & Two started as a range of homemade, gourmet bacon jams which gives a decidedly unique spin on a common breakfast item. Sweet, savoury, tangy or spicy depending on which flavour you chose, the jams come with little chunks of pork bacon bits. Five & Two say that the jams are free of artificial preservatives or additives.

Looking for a halal option? Branded separately under the name Chattiwalla’s, there is also a range of non-pork jams: Streaky Beef Jam and Streaky Beef Sambal are both popular alternatives. They have Curried Meats (Curried Lamb, Curried Beef & Curried Chicken) as well.

Who is it?

Husband and wife team, John and Georgina Peter. Quitting from their full time jobs after 20 years (John from education and Georgina from the advertising industry), they decided to dive head first and focus their time on a product that they could be truly passionate about.

Go for…

The Original Bacon Jam. If you like your spirits as much as you love your bacon, try the Bacon Jam with Cointreau or Bacon Jam with Whisky. For a local flavour, there is always Bacon Sambal to turn to.

Eat with…

Anything you want! Stuffed in a grilled cheese sandwich, perhaps? Or maybe toss it with some pasta. The owners personal recommendation is to spread it on some nachos with a generous topping of grated cheddar cheese. Microwave until cheese is melted and stringy… are you salivating yet?


RM22 for the Original Bacon Jam, RM23 – 28 for the flavoured ones. RM18 – RM 20 for a jar of Curried Meats and RM15 for the Hot Mocha (makes up to ten cups).

Lyn Ong

The Streaky Beef Jam is available at Tea Republic in Bangsar Shopping Centre and the Streaky Beef Sambal at the Red Cherry store at Pop by Jaya One. Additionally, you may place your orders online.