Photo courtesy of Plate Culture.

Plate Culture is an online platform that connects people who have a passion for cooking with those that simply love to eat. If you crave the taste of good home cooking, this is the place for you.

Plate Culture is the brainchild of two Lithuanians, Audra Pakalnyte and Reda Stare, who are now based in Malaysia. They aptly came up with the idea over a plate of food while travelling. Audra and Reda believe that a home-made, local dining experience is more memorable than eating in a restaurant.

The website allows you to sign up as a host or as a guest. If you’ve always wanted to play restaurateur in the comforts of your own kitchen, the dynamic duo will approve you based on criteria like friendliness, cleanliness and communication skills. If you’re just interested in the experience of authentic home cooked meals then book online.

While some Malaysian homes have already signed up to serve Indian and Chinese food, there are also more unusual offerings: like Lithuanian, German and Persian. You can even find meals in Bangkok and Hanoi, and there will be more countries added to the roster soon.

The prices for the dinners may be a bit steep ranging from RM 60 to RM 100, but the unique dining experience may be priceless. Plate Culture allows you to meet interesting people in the comfort of a real home. For travelers, it offers a first-hand look at local culture and hospitality. For KL-ites, it could lead to an unexpected journey and new friendship.

Mehek Saeed

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