It’s always great to see artist collaborations between young talents in KL. Not too long ago, Fashion Designer, Justin Chew and Graffiti Artist, Nestwo (also known as Edmund) presented their first debut fashion collaboration inspired by 90’s hip hop. The collection was showcased at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014.

Nestwo’s graffiti murals are seen on walls around KL, while Justin Chew is a young Malaysian fashion designer who co-runs the fashion pop-up boutique Thisappear.

This season, Justin Chew and Nestwo have cooked up a new collaboration: a line of graphic sweaters to celebrate graffiti art. ‘Art is not a crime, the crime is your state of mind’, say the statement sweaters. The phrase is a response to the the rules and regulations imposed on the Malaysian art and fashion scene.


To celebrate the launch of the sweater, Justin Chew and Nestwo gathered fellow fashion icons, photographers, media and models for the launch last month. The sweaters are now available for purchase at Thisappear and LLL+, priced at RM169 each.

Find out more at Justin Chew and Nestwo‘s Facebook page.

Kathryn Rao

Photo: Courtesy of Justin Chew & Kathryn Rao.