Photo by All is Amazing.
Photo by All is Amazing.

After first performing on our shores in 2009, Mogwai returned to KL on Sunday 30 November, continuing the series of Urbanscapes 2014 satellite shows that started with CHVRCHES. This is a band which holds a special place in my heart and I had high expectations for a night of incredibly loud post-rock. I wasn’t disappointed.

After the opening set by local DJ duo Lights!Camera!Actiongirl!, the Scots walked onto the stage to a deafening applause. They kicked the show off with “Heard About You Last Night”, a soft, almost lilting number that sliced into fans’ excited whoops like a hot knife through butter.

The band then eased into “I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead” right after, a perfect transition from one of their calmest songs to date. A band of little words, guitarist Scott Braithwaite had the “Thanks guys!” honours for the night as the rest of the band switched instruments after every song.

To end their set, Mogwai broke into the room-shaking “We’re No Here”, an unmistakable fan favourite. When they left the stage before the encore, it really felt like they were giving the audience a minute to catch their breath.

Mogwai came back to deliver an explosive encore with “Hunted By A Freak” and “Mogwai Fears Satan”, the latter being a 16-minute song whose quiet middle bursts into a head-banging ending.

My ears were ringing when I walked out of KL Live, and they continued to ring during the ride back home as well. But it was worth it. If I have to suffer from any form of auditory damage, I’m just glad it’s Mogwai-induced.

Michelle Chong

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