Destruction in Jerantut, Pahang, after the floods.

During recent floods in the East Coast, the damage left to buildings was just the beginning. The floods also left massive amounts of mud after the water receded. Yellow mud, to be exact or ‘huangnee’ in Chinese.

With an enterprising spirit, the creative team at Naga DDB came up with a creative way to raise funds for the East Coast. Refusing to see mud merely as mud, they initiated Mission Wangnee, a Chinese New Year initiative to unite Malaysians in flood-relief efforts.


The journey towards rebuilding the lives of the people affected by the flood began at Tabika Kg Pulau Tawar, a small kindergarten just outside of Jerantut. Soon enough, the kindergarten was cleaned, and the mud bagged.


However, the mud was not dumped. Instead, it was turned into the shape of gold ingots, which are often displayed in houses during Chinese New Year to herald prosperity. These ingots are on sale, with proceeds going to the kindergarten.


The money raised by Mission Wangnee will go into buying new books, stationery, tables and chairs, beds for the kindergarten and a student hostel nearby as well as funds to repair the kindergarten compound.


To buy your own limited edition gold ingot and help rebuild lives of the community in Kg Pulau Tawar, you can either leave a message or call 03-7803 7144 with a minimum contribution of RM88, or purchase them online.

You can also look out for the gold ingots at Publika’s Fuyoh Art Bazaar this weekend, from 28 February – 1 March, 12pm – 9pm.

Sian Marie Low

Image credits: Mission #Wangnee website. Find out more here.