A previously built Earthship. Photo by Earthship Biotecture.
A previously built Earthship. Photo by Earthship Biotecture.

We all know about spaceships and some of us grew up wanting to be astronauts. But Earthships? What are they?

Earthships are eco-sustainable structures suitable for living in. A registered trademark of Michael Reynolds (founder of Earthship Biotecture), there are now Earthships all over the world including countries like the Philippines, Belgium and United Kingdom. Malaysia’s first Earthship is to be built in Janda Baik this year.

Earthships are primarily made out of both natural and recycled materials which are sourced locally. For example, walls for the Earthship will consist of tyres rammed with soil which when completed will be a natural buffer to keep the tropical heat out of the home.

Design for Malaysia's first Earthship. Photo via Earthship Malaysia.
Design for Malaysia’s first Earthship. Photo via Earthship Malaysia.

These Earthships are designed to be extremely self-reliant, drawing renewable energy and resources from the surrounding climate to generate their own electricity and even running water. This makes it possible for residents to live off-the-grid.

Biji-biji Initiative, an NGO group which also promotes sustainable living and upcycling, is working with a certified team of Earthship builders to make Malaysia’s Earthship. The plan is to turn the Earthship into an educational centre.

Biji-biji are currently on the search for a team of 40 volunteers who are interested in contributing to the build, either part-time or full-time with a minimum participation of four consecutive weeks.

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