What if you could tell the world your deepest secret? Secret Posts Malaysia is a new Tumblr and Twitter account that is collecting Malaysians’ secrets. It runs by taking in anonymous confessions anonymously through a form that needs nothing else (no names, no contact details) and if your secret is chosen, it’ll be tweeted in a matter of days from the account @twtsecretsmy.In keeping with the secretive tone, nobody knows who is behind the account. The first tweet was less than a week ago. At the time of writing, the follower count stands at over 12,000. Either we Malaysians have a lot of secrets, or we really like voyeuristically ‘eavesdropping’ on other people’s lives.Mostly the secrets are confessions of love (requited and unrequited), vengeance, unresolved ill-feelings, family problems and even angst over exam results. Although they remain anonymous, some confessors call out to specific people by mentioning their Twitter account. According to the account administrator, they receive 300 – 700 submissions per day.

It is likely that Post Secrets Malaysia was inspired by postsecret.com, a popular blog that was established in 2005 and operates the same way, except the contents are submitted through postcards.Certain anonymous confessions attract ridicule or criticism. Some tweeters have condemned the account as they argue that some secrets are better left unconfessed. Other tweeters offer support, for example on mental health issues. Whether or not the confessors read them is anybody’s guess.Abdul Qayyum JumadiFind out more here.http://rusbankinfo.ru займ на карту срочно без отказа