Laneway Festival 2014. Photo: Poskod.MY

Say aye if you’re heading to Singapore for Laneway in January! If you haven’t got your tickets yet don’t worry, some of us are still saving up the dough for it too. For some of you who haven’t a clue of what we’re talking about, St.Jerome’s Laneway Festival is a music festival which will be happening on 24 January 2015 at the Meadow, Gardens by The Bay.

Known for bringing in emerging and established indie musicians from around the world, the next Laneway Singapore installment will host Banks, St. Vincent, Lykke Li and FKA Twigs among many more. So it’s great to that some of our homegrown artists will be sharing the stage with these big guns.

In 2015, experimental electro pop duo Pastel Lite and indie rock/electro band Enterprise are set to take the stage. This will be the first time that Malaysian musicians have ever played Laneway – a festival that first originated in Australia before adding Singapore to its tour in 2011. So if you hadn’t gotten your tickets yet, you have all the more reason to now.

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Stephanie Boey