The indefatigable Edward Soo is back with his Malaysiaku Street Festival, commemorating Malaysia Day on 16th September with fun filled activities, informative and inspiring exhibitions, talks, fundraisers, cultural performances, and even a street bazaar offering local food, handicraft and more.

From the press release:

In the spirit of 1 Malaysia, a group of restaurants at Bangkung Row and over 20 NGOs
have come together to celebrate Malaysia Day at Bangkung Row, Bukit Bandaraya
with fun, informative, and inspiring exhibitions, talks, debates, performances, music,
dance, and a street bazaar with food and other stalls, on Friday, 16th September 2011,
from 3pm-11pm. This is the second year we are celebrating Malaysia Day.
Malaysia Day is a day for all Malaysians to celebrate our nationhood: irrespective of
whether we are from East Malaysia or West Malaysia; and regardless of our ethnicity,
culture, religion, social standing, or any of the other many different ways in which we (or
others, for us) delineate, classify and identify ourselves.
For full info and schedule of activities please look here.