Making Space: We Are Who We Aren't aims to engage the public in questions of what is deemed public and private.
Mostofa Kamal and Okui Lala construct a home for Making Space: We Are Who We Aren’t, an exhibition which aims to question what is deemed public and private.

Making Space: We Are Where We Aren’t is a new one-of-a-kind art exhibition which opens this weekend at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee in Pudu. Presented by The Japan Foundation,  Making Space aims to engage the public by provoking questions through its artwork, of who we are allowed to be in private and in public, as well as how being private individuals shapes our personal identity and voice.

The art pieces prompts viewers to examine their own preconceived notions of what is deemed public or private, through a myriad of works. Artists include Zedeck Siew with Sharon Chin and Maung Day, Saiful Razman and Ilham Fadhli, Okui Lala, Kontak!, Jeffrey Lim, Goh Lee Kwang, Engku Iman, and Daniel Chong.

Among the artworks on display at the exhibition will be Local Fauna by Zedeck Siew, Sharon Chin and Maung Day. The piece is an experiment in story-telling and street art, consisting of 15 short stories about imaginary animals. The stories will be pasted around the city in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Burmese.

Okui Lala’s As If ____ series is another work to look out for, as the Penang-based media artist explores the hidden narratives of migrant workers. Bridging the gap between video, performance and art, Okui Lala’s As If, Home is a piece in which skilled construction worker Mostofa Kamal assists her in building a model home together.

In Saiful Razman and Ilham Fadhli’s collaboration, In The Name of Comfort, red plastic chairs (the type you might recognise from road side stalls and community halls) are stacked in a haphazard structure that echoes the city’s daily rhythms.

Making Space is available for public viewing from 31 January – 9 February from 11am – 9pm at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee. The opening reception on 31 January at 8pm will feature music curated by The Wknd.

Exhibition curator Ong Jo-Lene will lead a walk through on 31 January at 6pm and on 7 February at 12pm and 3pm. An artists’ sharing will also be held on 8 February at 3pm.

Anna Lee

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