Photo submission to www., by Mahalatchmy Paidathally,
Photo submission to www., by Mahalatchmy Paidathally

When we celebrate Merdeka, it’s often through the lens of historical moments which have been archived through newspapers and archives. However, what about the ordinary people who lived through those moments? LimaPuluhTujuh is project aims to gather these more personal stories.

Niki Cheong

The project is the brainchild of Niki Cheong (pictured) who traveled across all 13 Malaysian states in 15 days to collect 50 stories to commemorate Malaysia Day 2013. For this project, he has teamed up with artist Nini Marini, media specialist John Lim, and writer Vivian Chong to contextualise our nation’s history through the perspective of ordinary Malaysians.

For 17 days at Pavilion KL (31 August- 16 September) the public are invited to join the project in celebrating unity and diversity. Through installations such as the Colours of Malaysia wall, visitors can write notes to their future or past selves as well as listen to stories from fellow Malaysians about growing up over the past 57 years.

You can also participate in the project by submitting photos and stories of growing up in Malaysia at

Audi bin Ali