If you’ve passed by Pasar Seni lately, you may have noticed a huge mural by two of KL’s most prolific and high profile graffiti artists, Snozze and Escape. Titled “Kuala Lumpur”, the artwork is a “face off” between the two friends and a mash-up of their two different graphic styles.

Snozze and Escape have been collaborating since 2010, but they are also known for their individual artwork,  which can be seen on walls across the Klang Valley. Former students from the Malaysian Institute of Art, Snozze lives in Gombak and Escape is from Ampang. They get together regularly to bomb blank spaces as well as work on paid art for clients.

Snozze and Escape recorded the process of painting “Kuala Lumpur” and have kindly shared their video with Poskod.my. In the ten minute video, the artists also talk about their inspirations, the current graffiti scene in KL and the government’s role in street art. Watch it now!