This year’s Krishen Jit Fund awardees, L-R: Sharon Chin, Lee Ren Xin, Nuur Faliza Saad of Awara Dance Company, Au Sow Yee (in collaboration with Au Sow Peng), Joseph Gonzales of Aswara Dance Company, Imran Syafiq of Aswara Dance Company.

The Krishen Jit Astro Fund awards funding to artistic projects every year. Yesterday, the 2014 award winners were announced by Five Arts Centre, the theatre company which initiated the award nine years ago, in memory of their co-founder.

This year, the awards have a special significance for Poskod.MY. Sharon Chin, one of the Krishen Jit awardees, will be collaborating with Poskod.MY to publish her graphic journalism project, “In The Land That Never Was Dry”.

“In The Land That Never Was Dry” will be a collection of non-fiction stories about water in Malaysia, tackling both its folk mythologies and contemporary concerns with shortages and drought. The feature stories, rendered in comic and graphic art form, will be published on Poskod.MY in 2015.

Sharon Chin is a visual artist whose recent artworks include “Mandi Bunga”, a performance art project at Singapore Biennale 2013, and “Weeds/Rumpai”, an independent art show at Merdekarya featuring her series of mixed media art partially made from upcycled political flags.

Earlier this year, Sharon was commissioned to design and draw an illustration for Poskod.MY to mark 100 days since MH370 went missing.

Other awardees of this year’s Krishen Jit Astro Fund are the Aswara Dance Company, which received funding for a dance performance based on the Makyung form; Lee Ren Xin, for a contemporary dance performance set amid 14 mattresses; and Au Sow Peng, for a video project exploring ideas of home and national identity.

Congratulations to all the award winners!

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