Our city is filled with builders, constructing houses and high rises that will later become homes. But who builds their homes? Where do these builders live, and what homes have they left behind to find work?

Malaysian designers Unit One took some of these questions as their starting point when creating “Making Home”, an installation for this year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. The 2012 Biennale theme is “Common Ground”.

The team from Unit One, collaborating with architect Ian Aw, visited construction sites in KL to see workers’ makeshift homes. They interviewed the builders about their homes in Bangladesh and used the memories of one builder, Amin, to create a partial reconstruction of his native home within the shell of the building he was working on.

Unit One then filmed their construction with a special light-sensitive camera, and projected the film in a room at the Malaysian Pavilion at the Biennale. The end result is a video installation which overlays different kinds of “home”: actual and remembered, present and past, foreign and familiar. You can watch the beautiful, quietly reflective video about their project here on Poskod.my:


“Making Home” by Unit One and Ian Aw is on display at the Malaysian Pavilion, Architecture Biennale, Venice, until the end of November 2012.