Photo: KL Pooch Rescue.

KL Pooch Rescue (KLPR) is being run by two dog lovers from Australia, Shannon and Lauren. The dogs they take under their wing are rescued from the streets or taken out of a crowded shelter where lack of hygiene and proper care would make their death inevitable. What sets apart KLPR from any other animal shelter is their personal interest in each dog. Their personal involvement with each dog allows them to find the dog a suitable owner with a lifestyle that fits. I know this because Shannon helped me find my own little companion – Tyson.

I had the chance to speak to Shannon and she told me, “At KLPR we feed our dogs an all-natural raw diet and keep them exercised regularly to make sure they are healthy candidates for adoption. We nurse them back to health and put them up for adoption as soon as they are ready. The ones that are awaiting adoption are kept in a Western standard boarding that includes a gym and a pool for dogs.” Shannon and Lauren are true dog lovers who make sure they provide the best they can for their dogs.

KLPR advertises purebreds occasionally but most of their dogs are beautiful healthy mutts. They don’t believe a dog must be purebred and I agree. If you’re a genuine dog lover consider adoption as an alternative to buying from a pet store. You will save money and a life in the process. Look out for KLPR’s adoption drives around town, or visit them at their center in Bandar Makhota Cheras.

Mehek Saeed

Find out more on KL Pooch Rescue’s Facebook page.