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If you’re single, ready to mingle, and don’t to face the inquisition from your family this Chinese New Year, Jetstar may have just the thing for you.

Ahead of Valentines Day, the Australian budget airline has launched a campaign, ‘Love is in the Zodiac Pair’, with the help of feng-shui master David Tong. If you head to the Jetstar website, you can fill in a few personal details and get a report that shows compatibility between your Chinese zodiac sign and other signs.

The report will also include the ideal selection of in-flight seats, destinations and things to do on your holiday to maximize that chi energy flow. Advice from where you should be going, to whether you should be having a group holiday or travelling alone, will give you a chance to meet the potential yin to your yang.

Passengers who are single also have the opportunity to enter a contest to win an overseas blind date, which could potentially last up to three days if the two travellers hit it off! Feng shui Master Tong and Jetstar will select the two candidates with the highest compatible feng shui.

‘Love is in the Zodiac Pair’ is currently open to anyone travelling out of Singapore who is single and available from 13-15 February. Get online, fill out a simple form about your relationship status and birthday, and let the flowing of compatible chi begin.

Gabriel Chua

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