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Ipoh Kreative is a festival to promote the creative scene in Ipoh and it will run from 25 – 31 January. Expect a vibrant mix of local pop culture, from music acts like indie rock band MUCK, to literature by Mutalib Uthman, poetry from Nur Hanim Khairuddin and talks on the economy with Indiepreneur pioneer Azizul Abdul Latif.

Ipoh Kreative is brought to you by Projek Rabak, an independent arts collective in Ipoh. This event is part of the wider ‘Ipoh Kreative City’ campaign, helping to promote the #IpohKreative2015 movement through the local arts scene to visitors and tourists of Ipoh.

The event will be held across various locations and admission is free.

Look out for more creative events happening in Ipoh this year, including an arts festival curated by Kakiseni in October.

Gabriel Chua

Find out more on the Ipoh Kreative website.

CORRECTION: The original article stated that Projek Rabak is “an art collective in Ipoh funded by the youth initiative Dana Belia.” Projek Rabak received one-off funding from Dana Belia for a past project, but is now run as an independent arts collective. (20/01/2015).