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Since the International Day of Forests is celebrated in March every year, FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) will mark the occasion with special activities on Saturday 28 March 2015 at Kepong Botanic Gardens (within the FRIM park).

Take part in tree planting, collage and colouring contests, as well as river cleaning for families. The event is free and open to the public but interested participants are requested to register in advance as the activities are quite limited in numbers.

– Nature Collage: 30 pax (children aged 9-12 years.
– Forest Colouring: 30 pax (children aged 5-8 years)
– Amazing Race: 40 pax (8 groups, 5 members each, aged 16-40)
– Tree planting: 100 pax (adults & children aged above 6 years)
– River Cleaning: 30 pax (aged 13 and above).

Visitors who wish to take part in nature collage, forest colouring and the amazing race may register by emailing [email protected] or SMS +019-609 4514. For tree planting and river cleaning, participants may register by emailing [email protected] or sms +019-6094564.

Kathryn Rao

FRIM, Jalan Foxworthy, Forest Research Institute Of Malaysia, 68100 Kuala Lumpur. Find out more here.

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