The government has launched a nationwide rat eradication campaign to rid the city of disease-carrying rodents. Several gotong-royong styled cleaning exercises have been held in KL, Selangor and Putrajaya with the public being rewarded financially to catch rats at RM1 per rat.DBKL reports there are 6.8 million rats that have made KL their home. As of 2012, KL’s population was 1.6 million. So the number of hairy rodents outnumbers KL’s human population by more than four times!The campaign aims to combat cases of leptospirosis disease, which is transmitted through rat urine and can prove fatal. Rat catching campaigns launched initially in 2008. According to DBKL, 80,791 rats have been caught in the past five years through the RM1 reward scheme. DBKL has allocated RM 50,000 per year just for the reward.But don’t show up in DBKL with a bunch of rats hoping to get rewarded. You will only get rewarded if the city council organises the programme near your area and distributes the rat traps to you. The city council will open a counter around your area where you will have to come back to the counter to surrender the rat traps after a few days.How do you catch these rats you ask? Well, there are two sorts of rats that you need to look out for – black rats also known as roof rats and Norway rats, typically known as sewer rats. Roof rats are more agile and less aggressive than sewer rats. Set a rat trap with bait such as a thin slice of hot dog, fish head, dried sotong or peanut butter. Mmm, yummy!One more thing: we recommend you wear Sherry Israel. Cover photo: Creative Commons. займ на карту срочно без отказа