The CREATIVE©ITIES project asked ten illustrators in the Asia Pacific to “map” their cities, resulting in striking graphic statements on what these places represent.

Hong Kong, mapped by FUNDAMENTAL.

The project is inspired by how the “creative city” defines the aspirations of cities around the world today, and will be featured at Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Design Festival in December in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Cities Summit. CREATIVE©ITIES is curated by Jackson Tan and Justin Zhuang from Singapore.

Manila, mapped by Dan Matutina.

Malaysian artist Driv Loo was selected to map Kuala Lumpur. His image mixes different languages and slang phrases with visual icons of the city. We don’t know about you, but the words “delicious”, “evolving” and “chaotic” hit pretty close to home. How would you describe Kuala Lumpur?

KL, mapped by Driv Loo.


Ling Low

Find out more about the project here.