Hidup Terlampau Selesa exhibition at Kedai. Photo: Lyn Ong.
Hidup Terlampau Selesa exhibition at Kedai. Photo: Lyn Ong.

Located in Kelana Jaya, Kedai is a new art space which opened in March this year. Kedai was started by Rizal Sufar & Izat Arif, who wanted a place where they could give upcoming artists more exposure. The result is a simple but inviting gallery-workshop.

Currently, Kedai is showing the exhibition “Hidup Terlampau Selesa”. Showcasing the works of two new artists, Akmal Borhan and Engku Iman, the exhibition centres around issues that are part of our everyday lives with an attempt to provoke the viewer out of their comfort zones.

I’ve always held a fascination towards fetishism. And I wanted to make art that would make people think,” said Akmal. His works consists largely of ink drawings and can be divided into two parts, both voyeuristic in nature. One has sexual and homoerotic undertones while the other addresses an armpit fetish.

Meanwhile, Iman’s works contain many installation pieces and are inspired in part by modern Malay society, with illustrated images that subtly play with everyday words and experiences. Both artists’ work is displayed around the gallery with unusual and intimate methods of display: for example, stringing up illustrations on a line with wooden pegs.

Kedai is also customised with wooden pallet furniture such as chairs and tables, made by Rizal and Izat themselves. We look forward to seeing what this unusual gallery does next.

Lyn Ong

Hidup Terlampau Selesa will be held until 17 June (10am – 10pm). Find out more about the exhibition here.