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During the month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide reflect on their own blessings by fasting. What better way to give back then to help those in need? This Ramadan, HappyFresh has initiated a nationwide campaign, “Meal for a Meal”, that promises to provide food for the needy.

In partnership with the Food Aid Foundation, for every order they receive, HappyFresh will donate and distribute a bag of basic groceries to families and children in need in the Klang Valley. With no minimum amount required, all recipients will be provided with staples such as fruit and vegetables, rice and meat, for every transaction performed on the HappyFresh app.

11427231_1436500566657662_1437604835234987439_nThe campaign will run till the end of Ramadan (17 July 2015) with HappyFresh hosting a Charity Day. This is where all donated bags of groceries will be handed to the Food Aid Foundation to be prepared into wholesome meals and then personally distributed by HappyFresh drivers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, HappyFresh lets you shop for groceries via a downloaded app. At the tap of a button, you’ll have fresh groceries at your door in an hour. It is currently available for free on iOs and Android devices.

For more information on how you can help, visit HappyFresh or the Food Aid Foundation.

Marissa Hakim