After our hipster health warning went viral last year, we knew we had to take things up a notch for this year’s April Fools. Yesterday, readers were shocked to discover that Poskod.MY had been completely revamped and transformed into a new website: Buzz Giler Beb!

Buzz Giler Beb ran the most viral, WTF and cray-cray stories, including “Experts now think Maggi goreng could save your life!” and “This woman missed her train. What happened next will blow your mind.” We also had life hacks like “How to smell great without showering” and “10 Reasons Why Traffic Jams Are Awesome”. But the scoop of the day was a fake news story about Papi Zak breaking Kuah Jenhan’s funny bone.

While it was a joke intended to make people laugh, it was also our way of having a little dig at the surge of Viralnova / Upworthy / Buzzfeed style news stories on the internet. Thanks to everyone for being a good sport and a special thanks to those of you who got outraged by the change. It’s nice to know that our readers care! Hopefully, Poskod.MY won’t be making this switch anytime soon.

Ling Low